National Parks moots new ways to deal with rising number of tourists

​The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation is in talks with private players in the tourism sector to resolve issues of overcrowding at parks, most of them ecologically sensitive. 

With tourist season on the horizon, the authorities are becoming increasingly alert to find new ways to deal with the increasing number of tourists. According to the Director-General of the department, Thanya Netithammakun, accommodation facilities provided at the parks are already fully booked by tourists for the month of December and January, when the parks are expected to see much more visitors.

The general pointed out that the talks were held to discuss ways to alleviate crowding issues while ensuring that the parks don’t lose visitors. The department of National Parks is surveying the capacity of each park to accommodate visitors and measures are being taken to improve the already available facilities at the parks, including toilets.

Tourists taking elephant rides at the Khao Yai National Park

Tourists taking elephant rides at the Khao Yai National Park. Image: Asia Travel

In the pipeline, is an online ticket booking service for visitors who plan to visit the parks. The general said the booking system will likely be online from next year and that the initiative is in light of data which reveals that several national parks have brought in more revenue recently than they did in the years before. He assured that efforts are in progress to fix the official website of the department which is currently out of order due to high incoming traffic. The department announced that the previously set dates as last dates of payment have been extended.

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