Mourners rush to Grand Palace Hall to pay respects to HM

​The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall of the Grand Palace of Bangkok was opened to flocks of visitors on Saturday, to pay their tributes to their beloved King.

It was the first chance for the public to enter the throne hall where late King Bhumibol Adulyadej is lying in repose. For the past two weeks, mourners were allowed to pay their respects at the Palace before a huge portrait of the late King, who passed away on the 13th of October. Armed Forces were present to assist mourners at the Sanam Luang. Many senior citizens, even those above 80 years old, were present at the site from late midnight to see their beloved King for a last time. Tents have been provided freely by NGOs and other organizations to accommodate the mourners overnight. According to the Royal Household Bureau, only 10,000 mourners will be allowed into the hall per day to pay respects to the King. The viewing was made available for the public from 8am to 9pm; but due to scores that massed at the Palace to witness the King, the Bureau allowed in the public from 5am inorder to reduce crowds.

people holding up portraits of KIng at the Palace vicinity

Scores have gathered at and around the palace since midnight. Image: Xinhua / Barcroft Images

Black-clad mourners were a common sight at bus stops, metros and railway stations in all provinces as mourners came from all across the nation in the time of mourning. Transport has been made free for those who register to go to the Palace. Many additional bus services, including air-conditioned ones, were introduced to serve mourners trying to reach the Palace. The weekend services of Blue and Purple lines were also extended until 2am to assist the visitors.

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