In the time of grief, volunteers comfort mourners

Mourners paying respects to their Late King are offered free rides, accommodation and other facilities.

In the time of grief for the country which mourns its Late King, Volunteers are being a source of comfort and consolation. The volunteers, most of them students and youth, are seen giving away black ribbons and picking up litter in the open fields of Sanam Luang. While motor cab drivers were offering free rides to those headed to the public park, some private organizations have been setting up tents for accommodating the mourners and private vendors giving away free food and medicine to black-clad mourners flocking in. The military is also deployed in the public park to assist the public in matters of transportation and other aid. The Royal Thai Air Force offers free transportation for mourners till the 24th of October. Mourners can avail these transportationfacility arranged by the military from 6am to 6pm between Sanam Luang and Phahon Yothin Road.

Bangkok's Municipal authorities cooking food to mourners at Sanam Luang.

Bangkok’s Municipal authorities serve food to mourners at Sanam Luang. Image: Khaosod

Along with the health department, the Air Force’s medical teams are also setting up medical aid stations for the public. “I actually don’t want to command my troops to do this, I want them to do it out of their own volition,” Gen. Jorm Rungsawang of the Royal Thai Air Force. “The King told us to be good people and good civil servants for the nation. Taking care of citizens is part of what he told us to do,” he added.

The Royal Thai Army are also engaged in services to the public by providing free meals and drinking water.

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