‘Go Bike’ motorcycle taxi app launched in Bangkok

Go Bike, an app for motorcycle taxi and parcel delivery services has been launched in the city.

The mobile application which can be availed from Google PlayStore and other app stores will now allow smartphone users in the city who are traveling or out by themselves to be picked up by motorcycle taxies. Previously, apps such as Uber and Grab had been faced with legal hurdles to implement their services; however Go Bike has reportedly struck an agreement with the motorcycle taxi association. The only demand put forward by the app makers is that the members who wants to enlist should be registered with the National Council for Peace and Order.

launch of the app

The launch of the app by Lian Wah Seng (CEO) and Atthapon Sittichaiareekit (Co-founder). Image: BangkokPost

Though the service was launched on Wednesday, the app has been made available on app stores since as early as May. According to Atthapon Sittichaiareekit, co-founder of Go Bike, the company plans to charge ‘zero’ fees from users for the initial year following the launch, which will help the app gain popularity, especially among tourists, with a target of 100,000 users in the first year. Also, the taxis who join the service will not be charged any fee and the whole aim is to generate revenue fron advertisements and parcel sevices. With about 1000 motorcycle taxis currently in service, the company doesn’t expect much revenue from the first year, added Sittichaiareekit.


“If you are struck in traffic in your limousine, taxi, car or bus, Go bike is a good option to help you reach your destination in time,” says Sittichaiareekit

He also noted that the app has been able to carry out the services smoothly only with the agreement struck with the taxi association to ensure fair prices and cooperation. The prices will be as per regulations of the Transport Ministry. While cab services such as Uber and Grab haven’t been able to kick-off services in tourist-rich Bangkok, Go Bike expects over 4000 users a day.

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