Curfew imposed on free food giveaways at Sanam Luang

The trash and litter collected from Sanam Luang, mainly from food waste, reportedly amounted to about 600 pounds on Sunday raising eyebrows at the park where funeral processions are taking place.

The curfew imposed on Wednesday night is an effort to reduce litter and waste from the thousands of mourners flocking in to pay respects to the late King. Thousands of mourners have been camping at the site where free food was supplied by volunteers. The Municipality aims to reduce the trash being produced and to ramp up safety and health measures at the Grand Palace as it opens to the public on Saturday to pay homage. “Sanam Luang receives 40,000 to 80,000 visitors per day. After Saturday, we will be ready to receive this number and more for the coming year-long period of mourning,” says Treedao Apaiyawong from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The authorities plan to start cleaning the park once the ban is in effect. Food waste, plastic bottles and covers accounted for much of the waste collected. Governor Aswin Kwanmueng advised volunteers to give away food on bio degradable containers instead of using styrofoam food plates and cups.

Volunteers serving food at Sanam Luang

Volunteers serving food on styrofoam plates at Sanam Luang. Image; BangkokPost

Out of the 7,ooo something volunteers present at the park, more than 2000 of them are engaged solely in removing trash and litter. The large number of visitors to Sanam Luang being the predominant reason behind the issue, is being controlled to improve cleanliness. Hawkers in the area selling unnecessary items and memorabilia were evicted and CCTV cameras were installed to identify any violations of the same. Free rides ahve also come under control as motorcyclists offering free rides are asked to register with the authorities beforehand.



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