Bangkok throwback: Bangkok in the 70s by Don Oppedijk

Dutch Photographer Don Oppedijk’s flicker account has got a stash of photographs from the 70s! The city of angels, although recognizable has a whole ‘new’ shade through the lens of Oppedijk.  The busy streets, the street stalls, vendors, markets, river-ways- Don seems to have captured Bangkok in her whole soul. The pulsating life of the city is depicted  beautifully in the frames and we can’t help but be fascinated over them.

Check out for yourself!

Fruit vendors

Street stalls made its way to the city even before the 70s!

Streets that speak heritage

When the markets come to life

Chinatown can never be the same again!


A sidewalk from the City of Angels

A sidewalk from the City of Angels

A ride to the past

A snack vendor

The Saket Temple

The Saket Temple

Don has got dozens of photographs of Phuket, Chiang Mai, etc. Visit his flicker page to feast your eyes on the past:

Don Oppedijk

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